Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Grassland Thunderstorm

Probably my all-time favorite image, it kills me that I've misplaced the negatives.

The Konza Prairie is like home to me. I love to walk the trails, smell the air, and just be there. I also love thunderstorms. The energy is palpable, and it moves me when storms pass through.

This image was from the day these two passions intersected. It probably wasn't wise of me to stay up on top of the hills for as long as I did - I've been told on tours that they lose a bison almost every year to lightning - but since I was there I had to take a few images before I got out of there.

I hope you love it. Here it is over on Etsy.


Pinky said...

Yet another stunner. This is wonderful! I love storms and wish I had more brass to stay out and capture one. We get some wicked storms here. But, somehow, I think Kansas has us beat. :)

Jared in Kansas said...

It is a great spot for storms. It was the main thing I missed when I lived in Seattle, other than cool people, of course. :)


Just Gorgeous! I love the color - so vivid!

Jamie said...

I love storms too!! As soon as I see it start to look like this I get all excited! I love that you can capture things like this!

Jared in Kansas said...

Thanks :)