Saturday, April 14, 2007

Blue Dandelion

So the forecasted snow never materialized - go figure - but I had my heart set on shooting dandelions this morning. Here is one of our "yard pests." It's funny to me to think of all the wonderful people who spend hours and hours trying to keep dandelions out of their lawns, and here I am searching for them in mine. Love them.

This one's on Etsy, as per usual. Thanks for visiting!



Hello from a fellow Kansan and Photographer!! This is a beautiful photo, and I LOVE the dandelion in the sunset one as well!
Here in my part of Kansas, we got dumped on with snow pretty good - about 5 inches I believe. I got some snapshots, but didn't want to take my big camera out in the "blizzard" LOL!

Jared in Kansas said...

I wanted snow, but it didn't make it here. Thanks for your visit. :)