Saturday, March 31, 2007

Tulips and Raindrops

Quickly becoming a series of its own, here is another tulip shot for your enjoyment. It rained again today, and I'm just hooked on these tulip/rain photographs.

A town about forty-five minutes from my house has hundreds, if not thousands, of tulips that pop up each year. I'm considering driving out there tomorrow morning - you know, since this blog has so few tulip shots.

This one on Etsy.


Pinky said...

I really like your tulip series. The way you capture the raindrops is mesmerizing.

Jared in Kansas said...

Thanks. I've been enjoying the tulips. It was a long winter waiting for everything to bloom again. Just let me at the wildflowers once they start popping back up!

Jen Mellow said...

This really looks like a freshly washed, yummy peach on a stick. Mmm. Love it :)