Sunday, March 25, 2007

New Leaf

Spring is without question my favorite time of the year. Each winter, despite the fact that I know the plants are only dormant and not actually dead, I miss the green. Our house is surrounded by gorgeous plants, because Heather has a green thumb, so spring is always very colorful.

This photograph is of our stunning quince (I am told). I find the "baby" leaf inspiring. It's nice to know that all of the plants are about to explode with new leaves. Green will return to the prairie.

Warning: to those who might venture to photograph a quince, be aware that they contain thorns. I always forget.

If you would like to have this photograph for yourself, it is available as an 8x10 print in my Etsy shop.


Heather said...

I always forget that it has thorns when I mow, as well.

Pinky said...

Cool shot! We skipped spring and went right into summer here, so this little beauty is a breath of freshness.

Jamie said...

I didn't see any thorns in the picture.