Friday, March 30, 2007

Good Morning, Kansas

My favorite of my photographs, I just love this one.

Last August we had a couple days in a row where the light was hazy in a few places on my drive to work. As I often do, I spent a good deal of time thinking through what I should do to capture this fantastic light.

On this particular morning, I was smart enough to leave the house a bit early, so when I got to this spot, I was able to hop out of the car and snap a few shots before getting back to work.

This was one of those situations when I got the shot I had in mind - doesn't always happen that way, to be sure.

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Pinky said...

I have to admit that it amazes me that you can just hop out of the car and capture something this beautiful.

One of my favs, too. :)

Jared in Kansas said...


Rik said...

depending on where you worked, this would even be a great image to be late for. =]

D.C. said...

This is my fav. too. When we got it in the mail my husband said, "Shouldn't you have bought it real big for the middle of the living room?" :) We have a whole green, nature thing going on. :)

Jared in Kansas said...

It's not too late, dc :)

Rebekah said...

Jared I am positively in love with this photo. It makes me smile. It makes me want to go there with a cup of coffee and watch the day unfold under that tree. I think I will need to buy it.
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