Sunday, July 15, 2007

Great Sand Dunes

Probably the most suprising national park, I just loved Great Sand Dunes. To get to the dunes, you cross a beautiful mountain stream by foot, and then it's a seemingly endless amount of sand to play with. You have free range of the stream and the dunes, so you can go off to a place by yourself, or you can play with others. It's very pleasant, and I'm sure I'll go back.

If you ever find yourself in southern Colorado, I highly recommend a visit to this park.


Heather said...

I loved this park too. One of my favorites.

chris said...

I lived in Colorado for 8 years and the most fun I ever had outdoors was here. Does it give me any "old school street cred" if I was there before it was named a National Park??


Jared in Kansas said...

Absolutely :)