Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Each year, many of the farmers and ranchers in this area burn some or all of their fields. My understanding is that it returns nutrients to the soil and results in better production from the land. Prairies used to be burned periodically by vast wildfires caused by lightning, but now we fight those off, so for the land to be what it was, it needs burning.

That's my amateur understanding of it, anyhow.

In any event, it's gorgeous. The parts that have already burned smoke and smoke and smoke. There's an uneven line of fire that creeps ever so slowly across the field, but somehow when you look back at a spot, it's moved more than you think it should have. The smell alone is wonderful, bringing back childhood campfires.

With any luck, here in the next few weeks, I'll find myself near a field with camera in hand.


Pinky said...

You're right with your idea on the burning. The land needs it and it is so beautiful. We'll do underbrush fires at our National Wildlife area, every so often, just to keep it healthy.

This is a GORGEOUS picture, too. :)

Caroline said...

My parents used to burn their lawn every other spring or so in hopes that it would come back even thicker and more vibrant. I don't know that it actually worked, but it made for an interesting afternoon in the yard!